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Apple spent ‘billions of dollars’ for the iPhone 17’s screen! (Yes, 17, not 16)

iPhone 17 rumors started before we saw the iPhone 16

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A new claim may make you skip the iPhone 16 and wait for the iPhone 17. According to the latest rumors in the tech world, Apple has invested billions of dollars in a new coating technology that will be used in future iPhone screens. This technology is expected to make iPhone screens “more scratch-resistant” and add an anti-reflective layer. However, the iPhone 16 series, which will be released this year, will not have this feature.

iPhone 17 will come with a new screen
The source of the claim is the Weibo account called Instant Digital, which has previously shared accurate information about future iPhones. According to the shared claim, Apple will add a “super hard” anti-reflective layer to the iPhone screen, which will make the screen much more resistant to scratches.

Allegedly, the technology was just delivered to Apple’s supply chain partners in China. This means that the technology in question will not reach the iPhone 16, but will be used in the iPhone 17 series that we can see in 2025.

The full claim shared in Chinese is as follows: “Apple spent billions of dollars on coating equipment in Japan. This was then given to the supply chain in China, but it will not catch up with the iPhone 16 series. The outer glass of the iPhone series will have a super hard anti-reflective layer. iPhone “It can be said that the 17 series will be very resistant to scratches.”

Apple currently covers iPhone screens with Ceramic Shield. This technology was used for the first time with the iPhone 12 in 2020. “Ceramic Armor” was developed by Apple and Corning, which received support from Apple’s “Advanced Manufacturing Fund”.

This new claim is reminiscent of Corning’s Gorilla Glass Armor. The Gorilla Glass Armor in question is used on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and reduces reflections by 75 percent while providing extra protection against scratches and other damage.

Considering the partnership between Apple and Corning, we can think that Gorilla Glass Armor will come to iPhone screens. However, if the claim we mentioned is true, this will not happen before the iPhone 17 series.


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