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Is your iPhone storage full? The solution is here!

How to free up space on iPhone?

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As an iPhone owner, are you tired of constantly running out of storage space on your device and having to select and delete old ones for new photos and videos? Anyone who has a lot of multimedia files on their device has experienced this problem, especially when downloading a new application.

Two solutions to free up space on iPhone
But don’t worry! The two solutions we will explain now are already available on your phone, and although one offers a temporary solution, the solution offered by the other is permanent.

1. Organize your iPhone photo and video storage
With this permanent strategy, all your family photos, text messages, screenshots and other precious memories will always stay with you.

To do this, you need to “heal” them instead of deleting them.

Your iPhone stores every video and photo you take as a “high resolution” file. These files can naturally be very large. A photo taken by iPhone is on average 1-2 megabytes in size. If you take 10 photos a day, you’ll use up a gigabyte of space in just a few months.

To “improve” your photos, follow Settings > Your Name > iCloud > Photos.

Then turn on the “Sync This iPhone” setting.

If you’re using iOS 15 or older, turn on iCloud Photos.

Now it’s time to organize your storage. Check the “Best Storage on iPhone” option and feel comfortable saving photos on your device.

Sync with iCloud
When this setting is turned on, your high-resolution photos and videos are stored in iCloud. If this is your first time doing this, it will take a while for all your files to sync with iCloud.

Low resolution files are stored on your device. When you need large files, you can download them to your device too. Of course, you must have enough iCloud storage to use this option. If you’ve run out of iCloud storage, you can easily get more.

Click Settings, choose your name, enter iCloud. Click “Manage Your Plan” or click “Get More Storage”.

When you sign up for iCloud, it gives 5 gigabytes of free storage. Technically it’s a big storage, but applications and media files can fill it up in a short time.

Although you’ll have to pay, it’s a permanent solution and you’ll theoretically never run out of iCloud space.

2. “Set aside” apps you rarely use
Almost all of us have plenty of applications on our phones and we use very few of them.

This means that most of the apps on your phone are sitting unused and taking up space. When you need plenty of storage for a large download, “putting aside” these apps can give you that precious space you need.

Whether it’s the airline’s apps, your service provider’s app, or the mobile version of Among Us, we don’t use these apps very often.

These applications sitting on the phone do no harm to anyone, until a new iOS update comes or your new application gives you the message “You do not have enough storage space”.

A major update like iOS 16 requires 5 gigabytes of space, while minor updates like iOS 16.1 consume about one gigabyte of storage. A little but definitely not small.

Uninstalling applications keeps the data for that application but deletes the program from your phone. So, we can say that there is a middle ground between deleting the application and not deleting it.

To see how much space the app is using, press Settings > General > iPhone Storage. The menu that opens will show which application takes up the most space, as well as the space consumed by each application. Unfortunately, the apps we use most will probably be the ones that consume the most space.

You can earn a gigabyte here, three hundred megabytes there…

Just scroll down the page a little “towards less used applications” and you can gain a gigabyte here, three hundred megabytes there, and so on until you have freed up the space you need.

If you want to use the application you removed again, just enter the same menu and download it again. You will see that you have not even logged out of the application.

If you want to free up more space and clear all saved data and documents, simply delete the application.

Uninstalling an app is a temporary solution, but it can give you plenty of storage space.
If you use this solution along with improving your photos, you can postpone the 50 thousand lira bill you will pay for a new device a little further.


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