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The hidden option on Samsung phones permanently deletes files at once!

Samsung is following Apple's path! A feature that Samsung did not disclose to users was found in the My Files application that comes installed on Galaxy phones.

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You don’t need to use third-party applications for the files you want to permanently delete on your Galaxy phone! A feature was found in the My Stock Files application to permanently delete files at once. So, how to open the secret menu?

Permanently delete files at once with the My Files app

The latest version of the My Files app ( introduces a hidden menu called MyFiles Labs. In this section you can find the permanent delete option setting. Once opened, when you delete files using the My Files app, an additional option appears in the drop-down menu. When you select this, the file is permanently deleted from your phone; You do not need to go to the recycle bin to permanently delete it.

To open the MyFileLabs section; Open the My Files app on your Samsung phone, go to Settings – About My Files and tap My Files several times until the box that says “MyFiles Labs is enabled” appears. Once enabled, you can go back to Settings – MyFiles Labs and turn on the permanent delete option.


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