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A new physical button is coming to iPhone 16 (Selfie shooters experienced it!)

The Capture Key seems to make things a lot easier.

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Apple is generally a very successful company in hiding products that it has not yet introduced. However, the latest leaked information shows that it could not maintain this success with the new iPhone.

In the leaked images of the new design, a new physical button is seen on the right side of the iPhone 16. According to the information received, this physical button is described as the “Capture Button” and it seems to be very useful especially for those who take selfies.

Thanks to this button, users will not have to press the screen while taking photos or videos. However, the action button on the left side of the phone and above the volume buttons will be slightly larger compared to these images.

The images published by 91mobiles are taken specifically from CAD files used by designers. These files are especially distributed to case manufacturers before the phone is introduced, and thanks to these CAD files, manufacturers can start producing cases for new phones early.

More than a standard button
According to the site’s claim, the new Capture Button will also have capabilities such as adjusting the focus and zoom level, just like on a camera. In this respect, we can also say that the camera capabilities of the new iPhone will improve even more.

It is also claimed that the button will have “capacitive touch functionality”, meaning it can detect gestures such as tapping and swiping, rather than just a physical button. It is even reported that lightly touching the button will adjust the focus and zoom, and pressing the button will allow you to take a photo or start video recording.

It is worth mentioning that these design files are only valid for the Pro model of the new phone. So, it would not be wrong to say that the entry and mid-level models of the iPhone 16 will most likely not have such a button.

The screen will also become larger
According to information from MacRumors, there will be changes in terms of screen in the top models of the iPhone 16, Pro and Pro Max. The screen size of the Pro model, which is 6.1 inches, increases to 6.3 inches with the new model. In Pro Max, this number will increase from 6.7 inches to 6.9 inches. Apart from the screen size, the action button is also expected to be added to all models of the iPhone 16.

This new phone, whose name is expected to be “iPhone 16”, is expected to be introduced next September (as every year).


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