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What are the things to consider when buying a gaming computer?

What are the things to consider when buying a gaming computer?

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What are the things to consider when buying gaming computers?
Gaming computers are quite different from computers used in daily life. The processor and software hardware must be fast and the chassis structure must be special. The most important structure in gaming computers is the CPU (Central processing unit) which is the brain of the computer. There is no need for a powerful core structure for entry-level games.

Another possible answer to the question of what to consider when buying gaming computers is GPU (graphics memory). GPU is the most important component of gaming computers for modern 3D games to run properly. The GPU’s most important tasks include rendering images, performing complex mathematical operations, and completing repetitive tasks. In short, if there is no GPU, there will be no image on the screen.

Another important fixture to consider when buying gaming computers is RAM (Random Access Memory). Its purpose is to store short-term data that the computer needs to operate. This system, which speeds up the computer noticeably, is a must for gaming computers. For example; A computer with 8 GB of RAM will have no problem opening most modern games, but may cause problems with other applications running in the background. Computers with at least 16 GB RAM are recommended to play fast games on the market.

Another thing to consider when buying a new gaming PC is the storage type. There are two types of storage drives that affect the speed of gaming hardware: HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and SDD (Solid state drive). SSD is much more useful for gaming computers because it is more durable and faster than HDD. The disadvantage of SSD compared to HDD is that it is more costly. Since HDD and SSD can be used together in many computers, users who expect superior gaming performance should prefer SSD.

Monitor panel type plays another important role in choosing gaming computers. There are three types of monitor panels: IPS, TN and VA, which have advantages and disadvantages. It is important that the monitor you purchase meets your usage expectations. While IPS provides low latency and saturated colors, its only disadvantage is that the maximum brightness ratio is lower than other panel types. However, IPS panels, which can meet most of the demands for gaming computers, also have the lowest distortion rate at viewing angles. While TN is good at low latency and the panels support high screen refresh rates, they lag behind other panel types in terms of color saturation. Offering a visual feast with vibrant and saturated colors, VA panels are not recommended as much as other panels when buying a gaming computer because they do not have as low latency as TN and IPS.

Larger and brighter screens always lead to better results in gaming performance. The ideal screen size for gamers sitting close to the screen is 24 or 27 inches. However, players who do not want to experience the pleasure of gaming in a fixed place can carry their games wherever they want with laptops with 15, 17 inch screen size.

Although it is an element that is often overlooked, the cooling system is also one of the important points to consider when buying a gaming computer. One of the biggest problems experienced in gaming computers is that the device overheats and as a result, the performance of the computer begins to decrease. Different brands offer different solutions for cooling. When buying a gaming computer, the cooling technology offered by the computer should be taken into consideration.

Sound Quality
While playing games, sound quality is as important as image quality. The higher the quality of the sound, the more the player will feel like they are in the game. The factor that affects the sound quality is the sound processing chip. In other words, when buying a gaming computer, computers with high-quality sound processing chips and the latest technologies should be preferred.

Equipment such as Keyboard and Mouse
Keyboard and mouse, which are the most used materials by gamers, are also among the points that need to be taken into consideration. Thanks to the technology and design developed by gaming computer brands, key pressing speeds can be increased, thus supporting the player’s performance. At the same time, some gaming keyboards and mice have lighting, allowing users to continue gaming comfortably in dark environments.


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