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Big design change in iPhone SE 4 (will it look like iPhone 14?)

Things are changing in the iPhone SE world

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The iPhone SE model has become a kind of “safe haven” for Apple fans who have loved the ‘Home’ button for years. However, it looks like this will change with the new model.

In recent leaks, phone cases allegedly belonging to the new generation iPhone SE have appeared. If the photos really belong to the new generation iPhone SE, Apple will give up the ‘Home’ button on this model and add a notch to the phone. While the case of the previous generation iPhone SE resembles the iPhone 8, the case of this new model is quite similar to the iPhone 14.

The design, which appears to have only a single camera lens slot like the previous iPhone SE models, is not yet clear whether it will use Touch ID like the old models or Face ID. According to TechRadar, the new iPhone SE may have an OLED display and a USB-C port instead of a Lightning connection.


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