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Apple Maps will now treat you as “according to your vehicle”!

Do you have an electric vehicle? Your route will be determined accordingly

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Apple Maps has been overshadowed by its biggest rival, Google Maps, since its launch. However, Apple is now making efforts to improve the map and directions application, and as a result, some users may now prefer Apple Maps.

Still, new rules and regulations such as the European Union’s “Digital Markets Act” require companies like Apple to strengthen their hand to compete.

Wccftech has noticed that Apple has filed a new patent, and this application reveals the company’s latest innovation regarding Apple Maps.

Apple Maps experience will be even more customizable
According to the patent application, Apple Maps will offer users very specific, customized routes. These routes will be determined according to the user’s vehicle and engine profile. The feature will only be available to those who use Apple Maps via CarPlay.

With this tool, Apple Maps will give users driving directions based on fuel levels. For example, if there is low fuel in the tank, the route will schedule a fuel station as a stop. If the user is driving an electric vehicle, guidance will be made based on how many kilometers the vehicle’s battery will last before recharging. Apple Maps will also determine the route based on the presence of a charging station along the way.

In addition, according to the information in the patent application, the route will also be created taking into account the vehicle’s registration information. Apple Map directions will be given according to the roads this vehicle can enter. For example, a truck will not be offered a route that is prohibited for vehicles over a certain weight.

It looks like this feature will be available alongside Apple Maps’ custom route creation option, which we expect to be available soon.

Apple is clearly trying to expand the user base of Apple Maps and surpass Google Maps, and it wants to be the map application chosen by the user, not the one forced by the system settings.


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